Sunday, June 14, 2015

How To Play and Win!

Getting a modeling job involves a lot of legwork-literally. You or your agent will set up job interviews, which in the modeling business are referred to as "go and sees". You can go as many as 15 go and sees in a day.When a model's portfolio and composite card are ready, her agent/booker sets up appointments for her go and sees and castings. You may meet with any number of people on a go and see: the model editor and/or the fashion editor of a magazine, photographers, catalog clients, advertising clients, and/or executives from advertising agencies.
   One of the most important aspects of go and sees is for clients to see you up and close and in person. Although a model may have a book full of wonderful test shots, clients want to know what she's like in person.Sometimes models photograph different from how they look in person due to the lighting, the makeup, the pose, or just some intangible quality that makes them photogenic.

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